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Making the World Right : Saturday's Harmonious Dose - 25th June 2011

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Saturday's Harmonious Dose - 25th June 2011

Making the World Right

"Will you be made whole?" - John 5:6

It's an old parable but still relevant. You've probably
read about the pastor who was having a difficult time on
a Saturday trying to prepare his sermon for the following
day. He couldn't concentrate because his young son kept
pestering him because he had nothing to do that would
interest him.

His dad thumbed through a magazine trying to get an idea
to occupy his son for most of the morning. He found a map
of the world, tore out the page, and cut the map into many
small pieces, mixed them up and, placing all the pieces
facing upwards on the floor, told his son that if he could
get all the pieces together, he would give him 50 cents.

The son accepted the challenge. In a very short time the son
had all the pieces together. He realized that on the other
side it appeared to be a photo of a man, so he carefully
turned all the pieces over and in not time had his "jig-saw"
puzzle all put together. Placing a sheet of paper over the
finished puzzle, he carefully turned it over and there was
the map of the world!

"Son, how did you get this done so quickly?" his father asked.

"It was easy," he replied, "on the other side was a man,
I just put him together and turned the paper over, and the
world got right."

The minister smiled and handed his son the promised fifty
cents and said, "And you've given me my sermon for tomorrow
too. If a man is right [made whole], his world will be right."

Prayer: "Our Loing Father in Heaven, please help me to live a
life that is in harmony with your will so that my world will
also be right and harmonious. Thank you for hearing and
answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray,

Have a Blessed Saturday and God Bless you.
Courtesy: Daily Dose Devotionals Team


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