In the Beginning - Saturday's Dose - 5th May 2012

Saturday's Dose - 5th May 2012

In the Beginning

"In the beginning God...." - Genesis 1:1. 

It's fascinating how God introduced himself to the human race. He is
totally non-defensive and non-explanatory. He simply opens his Word,
the Bible, with the simple but profound statement: "In the beginning
God...." That is, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the

God didn't tell us how he did it. Thousands of years later scientists
are still trying to work out exactly how it all began and how it
happened. My guess is that they will never fully unfold this mystery—
not this side of eternity anyhow.

Believing in God and his creation boils down to faith and choice. We
basically choose what we want to believe. Many of us believe in God
because that was what we were taught as children but at some point we
make a choice whether to continue believing in him or not.

For some people choosing to believe in God has more to do with
morality than it has to do with intellectual issues. Many don't want
to believe in God (or in some parts of the Bible) so they can live
and behave as they choose. However, if we believe in God, we know
that we are morally responsible and accountable to him.

Another tragedy when we don't believe in God is as the Russian
author, Dostoyevsky, said: "When people stop believing in God, the
danger is not that they will believe in nothing. It's that they will
believe in anything."

Or as another has said, "If we don't stand for something we may fall
for anything."

Prayer: "Our Loving and Living Father in Heaven, I choose to believe
in you. I choose to trust my life to you and, with your help, I
choose to love and serve you all the days of my life. Thank you for
hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Mighty Name I
Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Saturday and God Bless you.
Courtesy : Daily Dose Devotionals Team


  1. Amen!!!! So refreshing to learn that someone is using my favorite line, but all so true line. "IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU FALL FOR ANYTHING". I'm just trying to find a place that I can get mind to conceive that it is actually people walking the face of this planet and do not truly believe. For everything scintist try to explane away,the BIBLE and is conformation that there is a God and he created everything my mind and eyes ears and heart can ever fantom. Every question Scientist Pose in my opinion is already answered in the Bible.That is all the proof I need right the Bible.....Scintist way of explaining is more compelicated than it could ever make sense.


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