I Feel Insecure ... So? - Monday's Dose - 23rd July 2012

Monday's Dose - 23rd July 2012

I Feel Insecure ... So?

"A new command I [Jesus] give you: Love one another. As I have loved
you, so you must love one another" - (John 13:34, NIV). 

Do you ever walk into a room full of strangers and feel insecure—and
think you are the only one that feels that way? Wrong. Many of the
people in that room probably feel the same way, especially if they
are also strangers to the group. Feelings of insecurity are part of
the human condition because we are all wounded in some way to some

We visited a new church not so long ago. Nobody bothered to talk to
or welcome us, so I started to talk to others and welcome them. "It's
good to have you here at church today," I said and asked, "Are you a

So, when in a group of strangers, go talk to a person who may be
standing alone and ask him/her all about him/herself. This will get
you out of yourself and soon you will feel much more okay. I'm not
suggesting that we become phony but sometimes we just need to screw
up our courage and "fake it till we make it."

If we keep on reaching out to others with a sincere motive and do the
loving thing, in time this will help us to become what we
consistently do and become more secure. Not easy, I know, but it is
what Christ commanded us to do. That is, to love one another.

Prayer: "Our God Almighty, in my insecurities help me to learn to
love and accept myself as you love and accept me, not in any way to
boost my own ego, but so I can become a freer channel through whom
your love can flow to others. Thank you for hearing and answering my
prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Monday and God Bless you all.
Courtesy : Daily Dose Devotionals Team