Coming, Ready or Not - Wednesday's Dose - 26th September 2012

Wednesday's Dose - 26th September 2012

Coming, Ready or Not

"So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man [Jesus] will come at an hour when you do not expect him." - Matthew 24:44 (NIV). 

I read recently how, "while on a South Pole expedition, British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton left a few men on Elephant Island, promising that he would return. Later, when he tried to go back, huge icebergs blocked the way. But suddenly, as if by a miracle, an avenue opened in the ice and Shackleton was able to get through. His men, ready and waiting, quickly scrambled aboard. No sooner had the ship cleared the island than the ice crashed together behind them. Contemplating their narrow escape, the explorer said to his men, 'It was fortunate you were all packed and ready to go!' They replied, 'We never gave up hope. Whenever the sea was clear of ice, we rolled up our sleeping bags and reminded each other, "He may come today."'"

Christ's coming to earth the first time some 2000 years ago is an indisputable fact of history. His birth was as real as the birth of Julius Caesar. And the temple he visited in Jerusalem was as real as the building of the Coliseum in ancient Rome. The Coliseum still stands. I visited it last year and was awestruck, not only with the marvel of its structure; but also with the history of the time it represented. Equally real is the promise of Jesus that he would return again to earth to take all his true believers to be with him forever in Heaven. That promise still stands.

We don't know exactly when that time will be. As an old pastor friend used to say, all the signs that Jesus said would precede his coming have been happening in some way ever since he was on earth, but today "they are all standing up at once."

Like the explorers on Elephant Island, we need to be prepared and ready for Jesus' coming. He will be coming, whether we are ready or not. What if it were today, which it very well could be? Would you be ready?*

Prayer: "Our Loving Heavenly Father, thank you for the promise of Jesus' return to earth to take all his followers to be with him in heaven with you forever. Help me to be sure that I am ready for his return. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Wednesday and God Bless you.
Courtesy : Daily Dose Devotionals Team