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Absolutes - Wednesday's Dose - 23rd January 2013

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Wednesday's Dose - 23rd January 2013


Today's Scripture

Live a holy life, because I am GOD, your God. Do what I tell you; live the way I tell you. I am the GOD who makes you holy." - Leviticus 20:7-8.

Thoughts for Today

Today's culture proclaims that everything is relative and it encourages us to do our own thing. "If it's right for you—do it! There is no absolute right and
wrong. Create your own rules." But the Bible makes it clear that right and wrong do exist. They are absolute and they are established by God. When we do wrong, it is called sin.

One of God's names in the Bible is Jehovah-M'Kaddesh or "The Lord your sanctifier." The word sanctify means to be clean, to dedicate, to consecrate, to hallow, to purify—and all of these words mean to be holy.

God is holy and he calls us to holiness. He sets those who trust him apart to live a holy life … to recognize that the Bible is our absolute authority in determining what is right and wrong.

The Bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman. That is absolute. The Bible says that homosexuality, adultery and fornication are wrong. That is absolute. The Bible tells us to walk in integrity. That is absolute.

We must remember that it is not up to us to determine what is right and what is wrong—God, in his love, has given us boundaries. It's up to us to obey him and to live within those boundaries. He has promised to help us. And he gave his son Jesus to pay the price for the times we fail.

Consider this …

In this society of a "figure out your own right and wrong" mentality, it is very easy to gradually buy into this philosophy without even being aware what is happening. We soften our stand on what is right. We compromise more and more on what we are willing to accept and even participate in. God has given us boundaries to protect us.

Are there any areas in your life where you have eased across the line, making one or two compromises and then more … more?

Ask God to help you see your life as it really is … and to make any needed adjustments. He is our Daddy. He wants us to obey him. He wants to help us do what is right.

Prayer : Our Loving Heavenly Father, I know you have given us boundaries because of your great love for us and your desire to protect us. Lord, forgive me for any acts of disobedience. Help me to be more aware of how I have allowed worldly attitudes about right and wrong to sway me and cause me to lower my standards of behavior. Help me to live the way you have called me to live. I want to please you … and I want to live a life that will honor you. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Wednesday and God Bless you.
Courtesy : Daily Dose Devotionals Team


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