Forgiveness - Sunday's Dose - June 23rd 2013

Sunday's Dose - June 23rd 2013 


Today's Scripture

If you forgive men their sins, your heavenly father will also forgive you. But if you forgive not men their sins neither will your Father forgive your sins. - Mathew 6: 14, 15.

Thoughts for Today

There was a man called Samuel Holmes who was imprisoned in a jail in Kentucky. One day an old friend of his visited him at the jail. This friend had earned the "Best Human being" award for saving people from a sinking ship. He felt pity for this man and applied for a mercy petition for his friend to be released from jail to the Governor of the state. The Governor also sanctioned the petition to release Samuel because of his friend's good nature and his brave deed. The friend happily brought this to the jail. But before telling the news to Samuel, he asked him a question. He asked, "Samuel, what are you going to do after being released from jail?". Samuel replied that, his first job after release would be to kill the judge who sentenced him to jail and the person who witnessed against me. His friend was shocked and grieved over Samuel's answer. He did not show the release order to Samuel. He left the jail and tore the order to pieces. There was no forgiveness for Samuel because he did not forgive others.

We have to forgive others so that God forgives our sins. Mathew 18: 23-35 says about a parable said by Jesus. There was a king who had a servant who owed him ten thousand talents. The king mercifully forgave this servant. But this servant had a fellow servant who owed him hundred pence. He put that man in jail till he gave back his money. When the king heard about this, he got very angry that this man had forgave his fellow servant. He called his servant and asked him why he did not forgive his fellow servant and handed over him to the tormentors and ordered to put him in jail till he gave the money back. If you don't forgive the sins of your brothers, then your heavenly father will also not forgive you. Mathew 18: 35.

Some people say that, `even for my death this person should not come' or `I will not see this persons face till my death'. After the death of a person he will not know, who comes for his funeral or not.

When God has graciously forgiven our sins, because of our ego we do not forgive others or our hatred and anger is too much. But only if we forgive others, God will forgive us. That is the warning from the Bible. We do not what will happen to us tomorrow. It is not in our hands. What if we die today without forgiving? We will land up in hell. So why not forgive others today itself and accept them? Sometimes people fall sick because they have not forgiven others. Only when they forgive, they will be healed. Why should we suffer unnecessarily instead of forgiving? Let us try to be peaceful with everyone. Forgive others and live a long life. May God Bless you.

God of Mercy 
God bountiful in forgiving
He cares for you
Come, my son, to the Lord

Prayer: "Lord we thank thee for forgiving and accepting us as your children O Lord. Help us to remember that you have forgiven us and we have to forgive and be peaceful with others likewise. Help us to forgive others so that we may not fall sick. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Sunday and God Bless you.