How easy it is - Friday's Dose - June 21st 2013

Friday's Dose - June 21st 2013 

How easy it is!

Today's Scripture

"God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners". - Romans 5:8.

Thoughts for Today

It's easy to spend a hundred bucks while shopping- But
It's difficult to offer the same hundred bucks at Church.

It's easy to sit around watching cricket for hours on end- But
It's difficult to in prayer for even an hour.

It's easy to chat with friends for hours and hours – But
It's difficult to talk even a few words with our beloved Father.

It's easy to praise a cricketer for hitting a six, in full enthusiasm- But
It's difficult to listen to a slightly long sermon with patience.

It's easy to read a novel at a stretch with full concentration- But
It's difficult to read one chapter in the Bible with full devotion

It's easy to book a seat in the front row of a game- But
It's difficult to come early and catch the first seats at Church.

It's easy to believe the happenings in News papers- But
It's difficult to believe the promises in the Bible.

It's easy to desire Heaven without following Christ – But
It's difficult to accept that without Christ, there is no Paradise.

It's easy for a man to get saved by following the plan of Lord- But
It's difficult for him to accept that plan who is Christ.

It's easy to get free Salvation from the Lord- But
It's difficult for the ignorant who try everything else to get saved.

It's easy to hope for a loving and nurturing environment for our kids- But
It's difficult for us parents to lead our lives as examples.

It's easy for us to expect dignity and respect from others- But
It's difficult to show others the same respect.

It's easy to hide our mistakes and imperfections – But
It's difficult to forgive and forget others small mistakes.

Most of the above would be very easy for us. But the things related with God are always difficult for us. When we love our Father deeply from our heart, then everything is as easy as it was really. The problem in today's Christian community is that, we don't love the Lord wholeheartedly. It always seems perfunctory. We are pious, but are not in spirit. Beyond doubt, we are God-fearing before others, in reality, however, it's just a masquerade.
God loved this world so much, that He gave his life for us. How many of us are ready to offer our lives for a dear friend in the bondage of sin and death? But, our Father loved us so much even as sinners and He also displayed His love to us by accepting our sinful hearts. This is the truth that has prevailed for generations.

Our Lord always desires our love. When Peter went fishing after he ran away from the Lord, Jesus asked him, "Do you love me?," not once, not twice, but three times. Our Lord waited for the words "Yes Lord, I do love you" from Peter's mouth. From Adam's day, the Lord has always desired to have a loving relationship with mankind. He expects us to speak with Him daily, as He spoke with Abraham and Moses. We know that God was good friends with Abraham, and Moses talked to Him face to face. Similarly, our ABBA wants us to talk to Him. He created and saved us for this purpose alone. "We love because HE first loved us." 1 John 4:19

Let us love our Father deeply from heart, thanking Him for all the grace that He has bestowed upon us. Let us do the work for Lord; whatever it maybe, with patience. God will surely and bless us abundantly.

We love you Jesus
For so many reasons
For death and life and freedom
Even now we love you

Prayer: Our Loving Heavenly Father, We love you all through our life. We praise you for loving us even when we never showed You our love. Help us to love you whole-heartedly, with all our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. Lord, You deserve all our praise and all of our love, we ask You to help us to love You with all that we are. We thank and praise You Lord, for listening to our calls and answering our prayers. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Have a Blessed Friday and God Bless you.