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***God of Minorities - Wednesday's Dose - September 11th 2013

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Wednesday's Dose - September 11th 2013

God of Minorities

"But the Lord said to Gideon, 'There are still too many men.'" - Judges 7:4 (NIV). 

"It's easier to fight for one's principles," said Alfred Adler, "than to live up to them." How true. It's also easier to talk about losing weight, to think about changing my ways, and to sing about love—than to do these things. But for all who want to do more than talk, there will never be a lack of opportunities especially for those who want to serve God and be a part of his plan.

Jesus started Christianity with twelve ordinary men, was with them for three years, then left the task of spreading the gospel and establishing his church on earth to them. Think of it. Twelve very ordinary men!

As with Gideon and his tiny band of 300 "warriors," God seems to work more often than not through individuals and small groups. He'll work through you and me and our small groups, too, if we truly want him to. The wonderful thing is that God uses ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things—when they make themselves available to him and ask him to use them as a part of what he is doing in the world today.

May I suggest that you pray the following prayer every day for the rest of your life?

Prayer: "Almighty God, I'm available. Please make me usable and use me to be a part of your plans and what you are doing in my world. Please help me to be 'as Jesus' to my family, to someone in need, and in some way to every life I touch. Today! Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Wednesday and God Bless you.


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