Cedar Trees in Abundance - Sunday's Dose - November 10th 2013

Sunday's Dose - November 10th 2013 

Cedar Trees in Abundance

Today's Scripture

"David prepared iron in abundance for the nails of the doors of the gates and for the joints, and bronze in abundance beyond measure, and cedar trees in abundance; for the Sidonians and those from Tyre brought much cedar wood to David." - 1 Chronicles 22:3-4 NKJV .

Thoughts for Today

For many years, Franz Mohr was the chief concert technician for Steinway and Sons, perhaps the world’s most respected manufacturer of pianos. In this position, Mohr interacted with many of the world’s leading musicians. As a committed Christian, he also sought opportunities to share his faith whenever possible.

Mohr compared the process of building a Steinway with the construction of other types of pianos. "In contrast to a mass-produced piano, a Steinway, which is handcrafted, in which only specially selected woods are used, will last almost forever."Other pianos might deteriorate rapidly, but "not a Steinway."What made the difference? "It is mainly the craftsmanship and the selection of wood...Since we build only a handful of instruments, we can be selective."
The Bible tells us that God wanted specially selected wood for certain buildings in Israel. Cedar trees, in particular, were used to build David’s house, Solomon’s Temple, and other important buildings. Why these trees? Though they grew slowly, the resulting wood was durable and long-lasting.

Today, remember that God has a plan for your life. He is the Master Builder who is crafting you to be a masterpiece that stands the test of time, just like those Steinway pianos. You are like those cedar trees that were specially selected to build the Temple. To God, you are not being "mass-produced,"merely rolling off an assembly line.

God is training, disciplining, and guiding you, making you into a masterpiece. Cooperate with Him, and you will be able to endure, stand up under pressure, and bear much fruit for His Kingdom.

Prayer : "Our Loving Heavenly Father, thank You that You have a plan for my life. I surrender my life to You. Help me to be the person You created me to be. Mold me and make me. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Sunday and God Bless you.